Handouts – Voter Rights for People who are homeless or have felony record

Spread the word…  You don’t need a house to vote…  People with felony record can regain voting rights in WA.

Here are some HANDOUTS:

  1. Half Sheet printout from Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness. Download PDF. This compact sheet lists important dates, registration and eligibility details (including people currently without residence and people with felony record).Best way to print:  double-sided & flip on long edge.  The side titled “Basics About Voting” has a smaller area between the top and bottom sheet, so when cutting, keep that side up and cut mid-way across the sheet.
    Thanks to Hillary Coleman and Rebecca Roy at SKCCH.
  2. FAQs on Voting Rights Restoration in WA (from ACLU). Download PDF.
    Thanks to Krystal Koop at UDSM.

Also…. see List of Candidate Forums and Debates

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