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Next Meeting – September 6th, 9:30am


DATE/TIME:  Wednesday, September 6, 9:30 – 11:00am.
LOCATION:  University Lutheran Church, 1604 NE 50th Street
Seattle WA, 98105


All are welcome!


Notes from past meetings.
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Resource Lists – Holiday and Winter

For anyone seeking shelter and services:

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U District Street Medicine Needs Help

From Krystal Koop:

University District Street Medicine needs YOUR help!
With the support of UW students, clinicians, faculty and community, University District Street Medicine has been conducting street and community based outreach to homeless residents of the University District since 2014, helping individuals with immediate first aid and with navigating healthcare resources. A snapshot of our work in the last year:
 ·       270 individual patient encounters
·       109 unique referrals to services, including dental, medical and housing needs
·       54 basic wellness checks (blood pressure readings, glucose readings)
·       Over 1,000 outreach supplies distributed
This project meets a crucial need in the University District and provides a unique learning experience for UW Health Sciences students:
·       “We save lives with University District Street Medicine” –Tess DePalma, UW Rehabilitation Medicine student
·       “I have been an officer in the University District for seventeen years and we have always needed a program like this”-Brian Thomas, Seattle Police         Department
·       “Thank goodness there are projects like this”-John Fox, Seattle Displacement Coalition
·       “A student run clinic would be a natural way to collaborate with other disciplines and enrich our learning while providing a service to the community” –         Julia Light, UW School of Nursing & University District Street Medicine alumni
With your support, University District Street Medicine will be able to continue and expand its current street and community-based outreach to include Pro Bono Physical Therapy services and ultimately, a full diagnose and treat clinic.
With help from you, we can continue to thoughtfully and strategically expand our services to meet the needs of the University District’s homeless population while providing unique and crucial learning experiences for UW Health Sciences students.
As you’ll quickly see, the CROSSCUT article highlights not only UDSM’s good work, but also the risk that without some immediate financial support, it might end in January of 2017.
This wonderful project should NOT be allowed to fail.  If you agree, you can help.  Here are two ways. 
(1)  You could send a quick email of support to anyone at the UW that you know (Deans, Associate Deans, President Cauce, health sciences faculty).  Ask them to speak up in support of UDSM. 
(2)  Make a financial contribution of any size for the U District Street Medicine project, via the Combined Fund Drive or directly to our Service Learning budget. 
Please consider making a tax deductible donation by following the  steps below:
2. In the “Your Information” Section, type “University District Street Medicine” into the comment’s box to ensure that your donation is received.  
Or if you are a UW employee, state employee or retiree, consider donating to the UW Combined Fund Drive. This fund can accept one-time donations, annual donations, payroll deductions, etc.
1   Participate in the UW Combined Fund Drive @ 
2   University District Street Medicine (Charity Code 1482148) In the “Your Information” Section, type “University District Street Medicine” into the comment’s box to ensure that your donation is received.

Newsletter from U District Street Medicine

U District Street Medicine (UDSM) released their Newsletter.

UDSM is a student-run program at the University of Washington. It’s an  experiential learning project that includes students from Medicine, Nursing, Social Work, Pharmacy, Rehab Medicine, Dentistry & Public Health.

They conduct street and community-based outreach & provide basic first aid and resource navigation to homeless individuals in Seattle’s University District.

Thanks to UDSM for all your compassionate work in our community!

Download UDSM Newsletter [pdf]

Facebook Pages to Like

If you are a Facebook user, consider “Liking” the pages below. They are groups that operate in the U Distract to build community and alleviate homelessness.

These pages are a treasure trove of photos, news, local faces, and events.

Fullscreen capture 1112016 120943 PM

Facebook – Elizabeth Gregory Home

Elizabeth Gregory Home

Jubilee Women’s Center

Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI)

Neighborcare Health

Real Change Homeless Empowerment Project

Fullscreen capture 1112016 122237 PM

Facebook – ROOTS

ROOTS Young Adult Shelter


Seattle Department of Neighborhoods

Seattle Public Library

SHARE Seattle Housing and Resource Effort

Society of St. Vincent de Paul

Teen Feed

The People’s Harm Reduction Alliance (Needle Exchange)

The U District Partnership (UDP)

University Christian Church Seattle (UCC)

University Congregational United Church of Christ (UCUCC)

Fullscreen capture 1112016 120911 PM

Facebook – U District Food Bank

University District Food Bank

Tent City Collective (at UW)

University District Street Medicine (UW outreach program)

University Heights Center

University Lutheran Church

This list is incomplete. If I’ve missed your organization, please reply and send me your Facebook link.


Resource Lists – for the Holidays

Seattle Holiday resource list [pdf] – Seattle organizations holiday meals and food baskets.
King County Holiday resource list [pdf] – King County organizations providing holiday meals and food baskets.
Thanks to Josh at 45th Street Homeless Youth Clinic for sending us these lists.

Lake City winter shelter info [pdf].

Update from Interfaith Taskforce on Homelessness -12/18/15 [pdf].
This weekly email from Bill Kirlin-Hackett has current list of shelter, safe parking, other services, event calendar, and news links. Concise and timely.
To subscribe, send email to itfh at comcast dot net

Food, Shelter, and Services in the U District [pdf].
Not just for the holidays — it’s year round. Our UDCH group compiled this list over a year ago. Please take a look. If you know anything that should be changed or added, please leave a comment.


Handouts – Voter Rights for People who are homeless or have felony record

Spread the word…  You don’t need a house to vote…  People with felony record can regain voting rights in WA.

Here are some HANDOUTS:

  1. Half Sheet printout from Seattle/King County Coalition on Homelessness. Download PDF. This compact sheet lists important dates, registration and eligibility details (including people currently without residence and people with felony record).Best way to print:  double-sided & flip on long edge.  The side titled “Basics About Voting” has a smaller area between the top and bottom sheet, so when cutting, keep that side up and cut mid-way across the sheet.
    Thanks to Hillary Coleman and Rebecca Roy at SKCCH.
  2. FAQs on Voting Rights Restoration in WA (from ACLU). Download PDF.
    Thanks to Krystal Koop at UDSM.

Also…. see List of Candidate Forums and Debates

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