Past Meetings / Notes and Handouts

May 3rd, 2017.

TOPIC:  Rex Holbein, founder/director of Facing Homelessness, will speak about the Block Project.

The BLOCK Project invites community into the task of ending homelessness by placing a BLOCK Home in the backyard of one single-family lot on every residentially zoned block within the City. Each 109 sq ft home is designed to be off-grid, self-sufficient, and amenity-rich (featuring a kitchen, bathroom, sleeping area, solar-panels, greywater system, composting toilet, etc.). The BLOCK Project represents an innovative leap forward on the issues of homelessness, cross-class integration, social inclusion, and architectural design.  Rex says the reaction to the BLOCK Project has been so affirming. “Every single person that we have shared this with has embraced it. We think this will create a giant YIMBY (“Yes in My Back Yard”) movement and the critical mass that is needed to get past people’s fears.”


April 5, 2017

Thanks to the wonderful presenters at our April meeting:
Sola Plumacher of Human Services presented findings from the City’s Homeless Needs Assessment. Download PDF. 
Grad Students from UW School of Public Health presented an Evaluation of the experience of Tent City 3.
Paige Chernow, Adult Services Librarian, Seattle Public Library – University Branch informed us about the library’s Community Listening project. Download PDF. 

7/27/16 at University Lutheran Church

Download meeting notes [pdf].
TOPIC: Food Resources in the U Dist
Sincere thanks to our panelists:
— Beverly Graham, Executive Director of OSL (formerly Operation Sack Lunch)
— Samantha Kielty, Manager, at the West Seattle Farmers Market

4/27/2106 at University Congregational
Download meeting notes [pdf].
TOPIC: The Role of Evictions in Homelessness – what we should know.
We had four terrific panelists:
— Larry Todd, with the Landlord Liaison Project
— Jon Grant, former Director of the Tenants Union
— Maureen Roat, Senior Staff Attorney with the Legal Action Center
— Yurij Rudensky, with the Economic Justice Project at Columbia Legal Services

1/27/2016 at University Congregational.

Topic:  The rights of the homeless during camps sweeps and police activity.

Many thanks to our speakers:

Download meeting notes [pdf]

Topic: Preparing for the 2016 Legislative Session – Key Issues for Housing and Homelessness.
With the 2016 Legislative Session due to convene on January 11, We’re were happy to have two presenters to brief us:

Download meeting notes [pdf].

A. The Status of Police Activity on The Ave. (Guests: Scott Lindsey, Mayor’s office; Officer Mike Lanz, SPD; Captain Sean O’Donnell, North Precinct Captain; Deputy Chief Csaba Maczala, UW Police, Andrew McMasters, University District Partnership Co-Chair)
B. Update on the “U-Loo” public toilet project, which needs volunteers for project work!

Download meeting notes [pdf].

  • University District Street Medicine – Krystal Koop, and nursing students Nick Bristow and Ben Petersen
  • Tent City Collective – Laura Bernstein  See TCC Facebook page.
  • U-District Upzone – John Fox and David Bloom, Seattle Displacement Coalition

Thanks to University Lutheran Church for hosting our meetings for the past several months!

The Election. Getting informed about candidates. Voting rights for people experiencing homelessness.
Printable Voter Info HANDOUTS provided by our UDCH members.

In August, we talked about taking ACTIONS. For example:

  • Tenant Protections:  what can be done to preserve and expand them?
  • Using the city’s bonding authority to finance and expand low-income housing:  what can citizens do?
  • Preserving existing low-cost housing is critical:  how can we help?

UDCH Meeting notes August 26, 2015

HALA Report: Recap and Discussion
The Mayor’s Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda (HALA) report was released on July 13th. Join us for a discussion of this agenda, what it means for the U District, and for the outlook of low income housing in our city.

Our panel was really impressive. Their comments were impassioned and pragmatic:

Download Meeting Notes [PDF].

Outreach and Respite – providing for services to be given on the street.
Many thanks to our panelists:
– Brenda Frazier and Chloe Gale, REACH (Evergreen Treatment Services)
– Sally Kinney, JustHealth respite program in Lake City
– Vince Matulionis, Director – Ending Homelessness and Meeting Basic Needs at United Way of King County

Homeless Investment Analysis.
The Homeless Investment Analysis was released by the City’s Human Services Department. This report outlines recent spending and guides new strategies for better outcomes.
Many thanks to our Presenters:

  • Sola Plumacher, Interim-Director, Community Support and Assistance Division, City of Seattle.
  • Josh Hall, Planning and Development Supervisor, Community Support and Assistance, Seattle Human Services

Download the Homeless Investment Analysis from this page. 
See our meeting notes [PDF]

Housing in the Univ District: What’s changing? What’s affordable?
Many Thanks to our panelists:

  • Kristine Cunningham, Director at ROOTS (Rising Out Of The Shadows)
  • Michelle Martin, Operations Manager at Elizabeth Gregory Home
  • Ron Moe-Lobeda, Pastor, University Lutheran Church
  • Leslie Brinson Price, Senior Policy Advisor, Office of Policy and Innovation, Seattle Mayor’s Office

We celebrated 6 years of meeting, and made plans for the future.

February 2015 Meeting Notes [pdf]

Link to our old web site –>


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